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Hope - Education - Connection - Solutions 

Hope - It is when hope disappears that tragedy happens- we will give hope, courage and inspiration when it is needed most to kids who are being bullied and their parents with an online resource with examples of students and instructors who have personally overcome bullying and an online course and resource to allow them to learn what to do if they are being bullied (for parent and child to learn together) 

Education- we will educate and provide the required resources to a network of martial arts instructor speakers to educate a generation both in schools and dojo’s as to why bullying is wrong and what to do about it 

Connection - we will connect children with martial arts schools and give opportunities to businesses who want to sponsor and support kids to train and overcome their bullying issues

Solutions - We will work with martial arts schools to provide solutions for children 
suffering bullying 




Ivan Rolls is the founder of our organisation.


After suffering bullying himself as a child and overcoming this through martial arts training, this has led him on a journey of self-discovery to ultimately becoming a martial arts instructor with over 1000 students.


He is intensely passionate about helping people suffering from bullying through support, education and connections. 

Get in contact with Ivan:

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