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Thank you for being an awesome parent!


As a parent, there is nothing harder than seeing your child upset and we honor you for taking the time to find this resource to improve their life and bring back their joy.


Sit down with your child together and watch a couple of the success stories on here of people who have been through similar situations to what you are experiencing and find out how they overcame the issues.


Then block off an hour to sit and follow the Bully Buster Seminar where you will find truly amazing information to help with your current situation.


Finally, I would urge you to scan through the list of affiliated martial arts schools to find one near you and make initial enquiries. If you can't find one near you simply email us with your location and we will hook you up with a centre near you.



PS Bullied To Black Belt is a Community Interest Company and relies solely on donations to help our work and mission to end bullying so please feel free to donate now. Click the link below to donate now.


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